Pillaging Potato Fields

Since the railway strike began in Blantyre in 1919, there was scarcely a farmer in the High Blantyre district whose potato fields had not been mercilessly pillaged during the darkness of the night.

In early October that year, things became desperate for some families who took to stealing crops, just to get by each day.

Take for example, George Lowe, residing at Stonefield Road. George once evening sneaked into the fields of Broompark Farm and relieved them of almost three stones of potatoes. He found himself in trouble with the law when caught.

Almost every night since the commencement of the industrial struggle, the Blantyre police had been compelled to give serious attention to local farms and especially their ripe, potato fields. When in court, George explained that he had been ill for the past nine months and real hardship had driven him to that path.

Sentence of fourteen days’ imprisonment without the option of fine, was imposed.

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John Cornfield 😡 punishment for being poor. The fact that he was made poor by the government totally ignored . Scandalous
Sylvia Mclaughlin Getting like this Again
Gord Fotheringham Those were indeed hard times…
Robert Clements 100 years and we’ve moved on. We have Foodbanks. Progress?
Kenneth Downie stealing totties reminds me of russels farm ….and cabbage`s up dechmont

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