Blantyre Public School, 1939

Here’s a brilliant photo recently shared to this page. It’s 1939, before the outbreak of WW2 and these Blantyre children are pupils of Blantyre Public School.

I’ve zoomed in on the children to see their expressions. These Blantyre children, if alive today would be around 86 or 87 years old. A long shot indeed for anybody to be named or recognised, but these kids may very well be some of your parents or grandparents!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Helen Grieve Second back row second from the right is my cousin Violet (Bunty) Owens.
Mary Kane Brilliant photo. Such good quality.
May Wylie Moira MacFarlane, you might know Billy Wylie, he went to Calder Street School.He came from Blantyre.
Ellenor Mcbride Kelly Maguire think gran went essies or nessies think it was a nickname for the school
Giovanna Matarazzo Mandel Sandi Miller Casey George Millerthese photos are from the Calder street school 1939. I bet your dad would know most of these kids. They would be either his age or Aunt Barbara’s


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  1. is this nessy school

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