Glasgow Road, 2000

Continuing a look around Blantyre during the Millennium year in 2000. Next we’re on Glasgow Road, a time before all the dark green uniform shopfronts were created. Clyde Star and the age of the video still very much underway.

I almost forgot the barbers was there. Who remembers Mackintosh Furniture Shop too?

Photo: Veverka Collection

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Betty Brown Who remembers the co-op ,👌 I worked in the gents department.
Robert McLeod-Wolohan remember them all well, got a few items from mcintosh as well.
Ann Higgins Crossar McIntosh Carpets – the best shop in the world and the best boss in the universe! Lots of great memories working here! Thankyou David for lots of great memories! xx
David Mcintosh Thank you Ann.
Marion Gibb Grant Me got a nest of tables from them and still have them
Liz Daborn Was the fish and chip shop in that stretch? I remember the fritters like it was yesterday!
Blantyre Project There was a fish n chip shop there which went on fire.
Cullen Shaw Didn’t McIntosh start life in the shops at the bottom of Stonefield Rd?
Linda Halpin Cullen Shaw He did
Betty Davies Yes big changes and not for the better on the other side was Broadway and maidens baby shop
Michael Connor Matt Newall. Clyde star. 3908!
Margaret Mary OSullivan Yep – remember it well. David and Mary Mackintosh great couple!
Martin Smith Margaret Mary OSullivan Did some work for David!!!! Fitting carpets!!!
Patty Smith I’m in Ohio, USA, but my Ward family came from Scotland…so proud of that. I have a map of Glasgow and every street and saw this road, is it the same as Main St.? My family came from Bothwell. Thank you for this site and the pictures. Love it
Anne Irvine Glad to see that only the shops have changed hands + not the buildings. Great pic
Anne Mosley I worked in Videovision ,it’s now a newsagent and Post office ! Loved that wee job ! XX
Eleanor Clark Was there not a hairdresser,at McIntosh because I remember my daughter winning a haircut there we never caught so much

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