Burleigh Memorial Church

Andy Dickson recently messaged me with these fantastic pictures!

Until now, I’d never seen a good quality photo of the former Burleigh Church.  Only the little grainy picture of the back hall/mission hall. However, how about this one!!

I was surprised to see wooden facings on the corners and I’ve never seen this elevation before facing out on to Glasgow Road and Herbertson Street.

The date is unknown, but perhaps 1960’s. (The mission hall is still there in the photo but it burned down in 1973) Andy’s uncle, Rev George Dickson (pictured) was either the last or second last minister. He died in 1976. The corner entrance looks blocked off. I have the church being demolished in 1978.

Andy told me, “When he died in 1976, in amongst his effects, were many multiple copies of the two ‘promotional’ shots of himself. I presume he handed these out to parishioners on various occasions, although quite why he should do that, I don’t know.”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Moira Macfarlane Remember it well,next to bottrills chip shop,we stayed just a few yards from the church,!!!!
Moyra Lindsay Moira Macfarlane what was your maiden name?
Moira Macfarlane MacFarlane,,
Moyra Lindsay Still recall the damp smell in the kitchen. I have lots of memories of Sunday school. Mr Ritchie the minister married my parents in my grans house 1939 and christened me there in 1947. I expect he buried my sister in 1942. He and his wife are buried not far from my parents. My mum used to make holly wreaths at Christmas and used to put one there if she had extra!
Joan Anderson I was christened at the Burleigh and my Granpa was the Session Clerk
Matilda Fulston Remember the church well.
Moira Macfarlane I can still visualize the minister coming from the mission hall down herbertson st to the church,, lovely thoughts,,,
Davie Robson Was christened in this church by Rev Dickson in 1964, the handwriting on the back of my birth certificate is the same as in this photo.
Elizabeth Knowles My Mum and Dad were married here in 1939, I believe Mr Ritchie was minister, if so he would have baptised me on September 1940. Mum was Tina Hill, Dad Jim Fraser. How can I get a copy of this lovely photo? I attended Guides in the Hall probably 1950.

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