Blantyre’s Latitude Surprise!

Walter Stark shared this interesting fact! He told me,

“Here’s a piece of Blantyre trivia, the kind that could earn you a few free beers in the pub. Out of interest I googled “latitude of most northerly point in England” then “latitude of Blantyre Scotland” and here’s what popped up..

Marshall Meadows (England)             Latitude 55.8053° N

Blantyre (Scotland)                             Latitude 55.7939° N

This means that Blantyre is slightly to the south of Marshall Meadows which is the most northerly point on the English mainland where the eastern border hits the North Sea.

I had to check for myself and was astonished! Blantyre IS officially further south on the official recognised global navigation system than the most northerly point of England! My map below highlights the 2 places to prove it!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Shona Glaister Just shows how crazy the border is, since England pinched Berwick
Eoan Kerr yeah, it’s odd to think that we assume England is all South because we take the M74 South to get to Carlisle..
Marian Maguire Marshall meadows just a few minutes from Berwick on Tweed. If a straight line had been drawn a lot of the north of England would be in Scotland.
Alex Orr We are used to seeing Britain on the world map being straight up and down but Britain lies at quite an angle .Hence lots of North East England is further north than south West Scotland.
Claire Conner Most important point is… Blantyre is in SCOTLAND

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