Auchentibber Fountain 1910’s

Back to Auchentibber Quoiting Green and the former Italian Gardens. Who could have thought a place like this existed in Blantyre… the midst of a busy mining community!?

This photo from the 1910’s taken by Davi Ritchie shows the miners we featured a few days ago in the background, many of whom were quoiting players. In the foreground, a beautiful fountain with 4 pressured spouts, the sound of which must have been heard from the space all around.

In the back, the large flagpole, which would have been seen from far off, was situated not far from where the Auchentibber Memorial is today. It would have been amazing to visit these Edwardian gardens, modelled in the style of the Italian Classical era. It’s no surprise, they were a tourist attraction!

Photo: Veverka Collection via Alex Bowie

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Lesley Bethel Isn’t it amazing that so long ago, in a time of great poverty, public spaces were beautiful. Beautiful parks with well tended flowerbeds, boating ponds, play equipment etc. And now, at a time when we are one of the wealthiest nations in the world, our public spaces are so poor. No flowerbeds, little play equipment, if any. Sad, isn’t it.
Margaret Mary OSullivan Lesley Bethel You are right. Very sad. Great to see some wonderful people and groups in our own area, who do such great work to improve the environment and to interest the local school children in doing so also.
Marion Jones Lesley Bethel well said where did all our wee town go 
Wilma Hayburn McNulty Lesley Bethel Blantyre is a disgrace now so sad xx
Lesley Bethel Wilma Hayburn McNulty it could certainly do with improvement! There are loads of people doing good things in Blantyre, trying hard to improve things for everyone, so hopefully it’ll eventually all make a difference. I always feel, rightly or wrongly , that SLC pretty much ignore Blantyre in favour of East Kilbride and Hamilton. Any money available for spending on public areas goes there rather than here. 
I just always wonder how it was possible , all those years ago for the parks to be so well maintained, and therefore well used, when there was so little money about. And now, our public areas are in ruins, the only people using them seem to be young drinkers.
Wilma Hayburn McNulty Lesley Bethel your so right xx
Jim Cochrane In those days people went ahead and done things for themselves no council or government help ,but equally no council or government interference
Margaret Mary OSullivan Lovely to see the miners enjoying God’s fresh air and light before the darkness of the underground and the inhalation of coal dust. My Dad was a miner and he loved having long walks outdoors. So love and respect miners and the mining communities-hard workers with a camaraderie second to none. They deserved so much more than they were ever given.
Gord Fotheringham We had an Italian garden here in Toronto…many years ago… was an outdoor dance stand….was fantastic…both sisters Sheila and Anna and my wife …..we all went there on weekends…..

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