1978 Speedway

Riders get their bikes ready at Blantyre Speedway in 1978. Looking south towards the former Co-op building on Glasgow Road, this was only 2 years before the building was demolished.

Can you remember days out at the former speedway?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Davy Thomson Can remember the smell of burning red ash getting kicked up all over blantyre on a Friday night,,, loved the Smell.
Iain Lambie Hear the roar on a fri nite all over the tyre. Flung over the fence to get in
Jimmy Dargue Merv the swerve, no 4 if memory serves me
Ann Marie Donnelly I just remember the sound you could hear when the speedway was on
Alan Dorricott I used to go down to the speedway on my Grifter and stand at the tapes with Andrew James Baillie. Loved going to see the Tigers
Gary Moore Started going when the Tigers first moved there in July 1977. Watched the first few meetings from the bing which stood behind the back straight, until they flattened it and we had to pay in!! This photo is actually from the final meeting staged there in October 1981…Brian Collins in white, Kenny McKinna in blue, wee Wayne Brown also in shot, without his helmet on
Lynn Clark My uncle was Ken Mckinlay who went on to become a great speedway rider.
Jim Frame Great nights down at the track for the speedway and the dog racing
Carol Boyd Yes Jim Beaton and Bobby Beaton. Sadly Jim died in a motorbike accident at the Dalton. So young and talented.
Traci Smith Could hear it my old house in Calderwood Drive on a Friday night even manage to see some of the races
Liz Wilson That brings the memories flooding back. The Beatons stayed at the top end of Calderwood Drive l used to watch their daughter Jacqueline. I lived in Calderwood Drive til l got married
Sandy Wilkie I like Tommy Miller chat, as he was a great pal of my father’s and they took me to White City regularly when I was lucky enough to meet Ken as well as Charlie Monk. Along with Larry Lazarus, they had a speedboat and a caravan beside ours at Rowardennan on Loch Lomondside – after he retired from racing he had the wee car showroom in Almada st and stored some of his cars with us out at Bardykes. I bought my first two cars from him, a Karman Ghia and Triumph 2000. Memories!!
Elizabeth Lovatt Remember it well !!! used to go on a Friday night with my mum for many years.

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