1977 Blantyre High

Former Blantyre High School Maths Teacher , Brian Mathieson contacted me recently with a nice 20 minute film that I’m sure will interest many people here.

Brian digitised his 8mm film and has kindly made it available here. It’s silent and shows the Blantyre High pupils who went on a trip to France on an adventure holiday in 1977. The boys went canoeing down the River Ardeche while the girls went cycling & horse riding around Vallon (Brian says, “their choice, not mine!”). They all then headed down to Port Grimaud for water sports and a spot of tourism around Saint Tropez.

I’m positive there will be several Blantyre people who will recognise themselves and hopefully never seen this before.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Moyra Lindsay Hi Paul, if you’re in contact with Brian please give him my regards. I worked with his mum and dad in Calderwood Square EK in early sixties.
Ian Nicol Ramsgate to Calais hovercraft?
Tony McCallum fantastic trip really enjoyed the trip
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Cannu ask brian if he has the movie from 1972 cruise to france, north africa, with miss wotherspoon please. Been looking fir this for yeara
Ann Ferguson OMG!! I was on this trip – had no idea a film existed. Brought back lots of happy memories – brilliant trip!
Nic Jonwik Strang My fave scene was the single panoramic of the football field. 
Traci Smith Does anyone remember going to Majorca and we travelled down to London and flew on Dan Air from Gatwick .
Lefted in the morning travelling by bus got to London in the evening .1975
Nathaniel Mains Wonder if anyone on here was on SS Uganda cruise to Helsinki, Leningrad, Visby and Copenhagen in 1975
Helen Anderson Well done Mr mathieson( I remember you) what a great thing you’ve done bringing back great memories for them on the holiday. Well done you top of the class lol xxx 
Gord Fotheringham Fantastic i have recently converted old 8mm film to c.d……these are fantastic to watch….wee Mary O’Neil my grandmother,,,,just love them
Alan Baird i was at bhs in that year i went on the ductch barge trip , it was fimed too by bob pirie , i never ever saw the film though as i left the school that year , i think i recognise some of the faces
James McMillan Want to ask him why he always suspended me for doing nothing 🤣
John Purse Snr My favourite teacher lol
David Tremble Clark Russell, Kevin Rance? John Murdoch boarding the hovercraft.
Carole Mackie Rickard Brilliant, I went on a similar trip with BHS to Brittany in 1985 and had to get rescued after falling off water skis (I still can’t swim well).

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