1910s Rustic Arch & Stairs

Continuing this remarkable series of crystal clear photos from over a hundred years ago. Previously unseen online, here is the former rustic arch and stair at the former Auchentibber Quoiting Green.

This photo dates from the 1910’s and was taken from the corner of the quoiting green itself, looking north west. I was recently advised that this building in the back was NOT the Auchentibber Inn, but instead was former neighbouring buildings running perpendicular to it, at Wallace’s Land. The Inn would be out the picture to the right. I’m told, that chimney pots were always on the Inn, but at Wallace’s Land, these outbuildings did not have pots, an easy way to get bearings in these photos!

The rustic arch was a wooden frame with nailed pieces of bark upon it. The stairs and arch, part of JBH Struthers land. What a crying shame this is now all gone, overgrown now with woodland.

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