1910’s Quoiting at Auchentibber

Continuing spectacular series of new photographs of old Blantyre, previously unseen online or in any books. Going back to the 1910’s, this is the former Auchentibber Quoiting Green at High Blantyre. Although this is all woodland today, a hundred years ago, it was a hive of activity as miners and local men played sports games with quoits. You can see them holding them, essentially iron rings. The white fences around the green were painted white, although in this photo, looks like they could do with a paint!

Litter baskets hang from the fences, perhaps holding betting redundant betting slips? The statue of Neptune, complete with Trident oversees the green and children look on in interest. In the back, through the trees, you can just about make out the former Auchentibber Inn.

Today, this whole scene looks like this:

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