Senseless Vandalism, 1980

April 1980 saw an increase in the amount of vandalism all over Blantyre.

One weekend, vandals broke into Blantyre Nursery Centre on Glasgow Road, which had been poised and ready to receive a huge modernisation and upgrade.

They smashed windows, ripped toys and tore apart play equipment. They even killed the children’s goldfish by pouring washing up liquid into the tank! School head, Mrs. Rankine said, “Nothing was taken ,it was just mindless vandalism and has cost the school very much.”

The other concern in Blantyre at that time was the constant vandalism at Greenhall Public Park, where youths had taken to go drinking. Seats and tables (as pictured) were smashed up, despite the park ranger staying there until much later than expected. Plate glass windows in Stonefield Road and Glasgow Road were also frequently smashed.

Blantyre Community Council had emerged from a long campaign about vandalism and were now trying to start a youth club for youngsters. This was particularly needed at Coatshill, where it was recognised at that time there were no halls.

Vandalism is still a problem in Blantyre these days, but in my opinion only, and thankfully for now, I think it may have been worse in the 70s and 80s, or perhaps it just doesn’t feature as news as often as it once did?

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Marian Maguire Probably just as bad, but not reported. And more people taking pride in their town.
William Mullen 70s was great in blantyre
Thomas Barrett Just in time for Maggie Thatcher coming into power.
William Mullen And bloody asda

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