Fastest Boy in Blantyre, 1980

This is 6 year old James Mitchell, whom in 1980, was certainly the FASTEST boy in Blantyre. Whilst other kids rode around on their choppers and racing bikes, James had a racing bike of another kind, which saw him out in front!

James started motorbiking at only 4 years old and followed Blantyre Tigers at the Speedway. In 1980, he wasn’t shy to tell reporters of his life ambition to join the Tigers at the age of 16.

With the encouragement of parents Jim and Betty Mitchell, of Meadow Avenue, Blantyre, James practiced hard on his 50 mph bike on the bings of Blantyre. The bings were often used by bikers on make shift tracks.

His mother added, “He’s always been crazy on this sport and attends every Tigers race in Blantyre. He outgrew his first bike quickly and we got him this one. Although its quite expensive, he’s so keen it is well worth it.”

James is pictured as friends could only look on in the “slow lanes”

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John Robertson Don’t recall him but think I’ve heard of his parents lol interesting story lol
Natalie McLuckie James Mitchell anything to do with you, or must be something to do with the name and racing
Lesley Hill Natalie McLuckie It’s my brother James
Natalie McLuckie James Mitchell anything to do with you, or must be something to do with the name and racing
Ian McLean Where is he now?
Lesley Hill Ian McLean he runs his own engineering company x
Ian McLean Lesley Hill Does he still go to the speedway
Lesley Hill Ian McLean no not anymore x
Ian McLean Tell him to get his backside trackside.
Catherine Devlin My husband and all his mates, spent most weekends, driving their bikes on the bings over the back of the railway, many memories, believe you me there were some high jumps there too, running joke was that when someone fell off, they would all run over to see if the bike was ok, but they were honestly a great bunch and the kids did learn young
Lesley Hill Ross Jay Ashley Hill tag Victoria in this
Robert Henderson I used to hang about with him used to go up to the old railway tracks up sydesbrae I had a Kawasaki ke 125
Liz Allan Remember Betty and Jim well james and Lesley too
Clare Welsh Lesley Hill isn’t that your brother 
Lesley Hill Clare Welsh yes that’s James 
Debbie King Can you imagine the outcry now if any kids were going about on a motorbike

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