Hair Raiser, 1980

Throughout the 1970’s big John McGhee’s hair hung down to his waist, but in early 1980, all that changed!

John, from Blantyre was 23 years old at the time and was upset when the donation tin was stolen from “The County” , a Hamilton Pub he drank in. He kindly decided to raise funds to replace the money. The Blantyre painter offered to do something he hadn’t done for 9 years….go to a barber!

County Pub regulars sponsored him and he raised £60 when his hair was cut in Hamilton Salon, “Men Only”.

1980 John McGhee

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

William Mullen Used to get my (cigs)in the county lol went to school wae john
Joseph Kane Is that the same John that stayed in springwell in the 70”
Jonny Mcghee it is joseph stayed in auchenraith terrace
William Mullen Spring well yip that’s him joe
Brendan Mcghee Joseph Kane sure is plus we stayed in 57 Auchinraith im his younger brother married to Evelyn in Daysoft
Joseph Kane Brendan Mcghee that’s brilliant my first house when I got married was 47 auchenraith terrace and I had long hair then not now hope all the family is doing well
Brendan Mcghee Yeah i remember you well an the occasional hoops jersey
Jonny Mcghee love this pic my auld man
Yvonne Perkins Looking good grumps
Mary Cushley Hope John’s doing good – lost touch through the years but many fond memories of a really lovely person…say hello from me.
Elizabeth Agnew He hasn’t changed one bit and such a great friend to have xx
Emma Mcghee It’s my dad.xxxxx
Margaret Noonan-Stewart Great piccy John.

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