1985 Paddling pool

To be published on 13th February 2019

Catherine Campbell shared this cheeky photo with us.

It was taken in Stonefiel Public park in July 1985 and is of course at the former children’s wading pool.

Catherine told me, “My son Mark is pictured. It was a hot summer that year we immigrated to Australia the following month. I was born and brought up in Blantyre. I love your posts. Thanks for keeping the best of Blantyre in our life!”

Can YOU remember the paddling pool. I’d love to know the year it was taken away.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Paul McLauchlin I remember the paddling pool. It was manky and there was a fair amount of broken glass in it.
Andy Lynch Paul McLauchlin I remember that as well my mum always made sure we had plastic sandals on if we played there.
Elaine Currie Paul McLauchlin yup. jelly shoes lol. We all had a pair.
Elaine Currie Was brilliant when we were wee kids. I remember the pedalos in the bigger pool too, sat at the side paddling my feet in … wonder if that’s another reason as to my immune system being not too bad these years.
Hayley Wood The best days ever use to love going down our mum always took me and my sister and friends would take a picnic with us
Davy Forrest It used to be a great park. Now a huge amount has been taken over by housing and offices 
Annette McMahon Cambridge We had great days at the paddling pool in the park
Elaine Speirs I remember paddling in this in the 70s in plastic sandals in case there was glass.
James McMillan Mind the boats and also pitch and putt also
Ann Millar Spent mony a time in the pool, it was mockit n everything wis init except water😂 bit they were happy childhood memories, right enough if my mam found out i was in it a got a leathering bit never stopped us playin in it.
Gord Fotheringham Ann Millar nothing ever stopped us kids….Manky water glass….we never had a care in the known world at the time….every thing was a new adventure
Carolyn Patterson Great memories
Catherine Hailes Young It was filthy but didn’t stop us kids having a great time
Robert Moore Remember the boats etc
Blantyre Project Still trying to work out…what year did the council remove the derelict boating pond from the park entirely? Was it as late as 2001?
Elaine Currie Between 1999 and 2001 for sure.  Remembering dogging it down the park vaguely lol
Jim Mccoll this was once a great park with the paddling pond & the boating pond as well as the putting green, I remember going here with two of my sons to teach them how to ride their bikes, happy memories of this park, I now at times walk my dog here.
Jean MacKie Ann spent a lot of time looking fur Willie Scott that’s how you were never oot that park your the only wan that never ran away from him xxx
Linda Halpin It used to have a big fountain in the 60’s when i was growing up x
Alex Laurie Used to play fitba with Paul Reynolds in the park at the weekend. Another old pal, Ian Burns used to work at the boats on the pond during summer.
Sadie Dolan Great Memories of this pool Splashed for hours in this x
Robert Crothers Lost my toenail in this..never grew back right
Bernadette Mcparland We had great fun here and all free.
William Mullen It was called the wee pond
Moira Kellachan I remember taking my 4 daughters down the park to play for hours great memories.

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