David Livingstone Memorial Church

Hopefully this is the first time you’ve seen this photo. Pictured on Glasgow Road is the David Livingstone Memorial Church, the photo dating from (what I believe is) the 1950’s/1960’s.

1960s Livingstone Memorial Church wm

Does anybody remember the former tenement immediately to the left? I’ll be writing in detail about these buildings later in the year as part of an my book sequel “Glasgow Road North – The Real Story”.

With thanks to Alex Rochead for this photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Stewart I remember them as I passed them every day when walking to Calder St school. It was hard trying to not look in the windows as they were so low down.
Rob Stewart Is that the one with the statue holding out his hand Aunty Mags? Thinking of Joch
Margaret Stewart Rob Stewart yeah they were right next to the church with the David livingstone statue. This was the church your mum n dad were married in xx
John Dunsmore My late dad’s cousin stayed in one .plus my brother in law stayed there when he got married
John Mcgaulley pat and jean slaven first house 1960 1965
Jim Donnelly Used to deliver the milk to the residents
Marian Maguire They have destroyed Blantyre, just how nice is this front door house and building.
Carolyn Patterson I remember Sheena Easton getting married in the church around 1981 ish
Maryclare Nelson it was her brother who got married there, she was there though.
Maryclare Nelson Carolyn Patterson I just remember climbing on the railings to get a glimpse of her, surprisingly still remember it lol
Lillias Addison I got married in this church on the 6th June 1968.
JJ Young The place had character and I am sure that they could have saved the majority of the old buildings running all the way down Glasgow road both sides but sadly they’re gone !Could have been a thriving small business shopping community…
Selina Fleming Two families of Braidwood stayed there circa 1950’s. Believe they were connected to Braidwood builders
May Gardiner I remember them well as I walked past them most days
May Gardiner Andy Kerr sorry not its not. There are new flats there now
Eddie Campaigne Mayberry Place…the building to the right ..between st joes (RC) and the the protestant church was call.’Purgatory Place…as it was…. between heaven and hell.
Anne Irvine Nothing much has changed. This could have been today!! Only difference is the building which I dont remember. Born ’63.
Jiae Jiae Think my cousins got married in this church and I was flower girl.
Jane Scobbie I can remember that tenement building top of the dandy and opposite Richardson’s garage.
Steven Lightbody My great Gran used to live in those tenements, my Mum used to be afraid to visit because of the mice that seemed to be around!
Betty Brown Ma pal and her hubby lived there

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