Selling off Gas Equipment


23om19lighter.jpg.galleryIn early 1922 gas lamps along Glasgow Road were replaced with electric lighting, not without its share of problems, I may add.

This left the Parish Council with lots of redundant equipment which they promptly advertised for sale in an advert placed in the Scotsman in March that year.

Up for sale were 28 Copper street lanterns, 272 Tin Street lanterns, 250 Metal Frogs (the ornate fitting the lantern was fixed to), 150 upright burners and 120 inverted burners.

Buyers were asked to contact Mr Charles Agnew of the Parish Council in High Blantyre. It is unknown where all these beautiful fittings ended up. Some of these type of lanterns , some converted to electric, could still be seen right into the 1960’s in some parts of Blantyre.

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From the forthcoming book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2019

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Elizabeth Grieve The new street lighting is horrible.
Blantyre Project totally agree. Theres nothing nicer than seeing the warm, yellow glower of the older, brighter lights.
Jiae Jiae My grannie still had gas lights in her house in the fifties.

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