1961 Blantyre Aerial


1961 Blantyre Aerial wm

A final Aerial photo from 1961. This was shows exactly the nature of 57 years worth of change and what it can do to a town.

On the right hand side in the foreground is the former Auchinraith Bing, towering over the adjacent timber houses which can be seen to its left. The houses at Burnbrae still hadn’t been built but of course you can see the “Crescents” from the 1920s.

Large, scarred fields at the top right show where Dixon’s Rows were cleared a few years earlier. Branching off the railway line leading to the Larkfield Bing, you can just about see the former mineral line. The sprawling fields of Broompark and Wheatlandhead Farms are missing the houses now on them today, the whole scene looking very rural indeed, by comparison to today.

The ‘shiny’ new houses to the back right are the Orlits, built only 4 years earlier.

This was a time when mining in Blantyre was gone. Scars of industry requiring to be removed or tided up and a Blantyre in much need of modernisation and further housing.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James Sime Amazing pic. Really shows how Blantyre was made up of lots of different hamlets / areas even so recently. Now its all joined up as one big town. I find it strange that the town was a lot smaller in terms of housing yet had far more shops, and facilities at that time. Now as a large town we have hardly anything in terms of shops and civic amenities compared to then.
Carole Mackie Rickard Is that a bridge near the old Smiddy on Broompark Road?
Blantyre Project very top left. No bridge at Broompark Road at that location. Looks like just the bend in the road.
Marian Maguire I think the tree in our garden is 4th larger tree from the right of Stonefield Bing. A large Sycamore. It’s over 200 years old, so said the council.
Kerry Maguire Wilma Salvona can see your house 
Drew Fisher Another amazing picture. Interesting to see the Co-op yard including the shop, bakery, milk depot and coal yard in Auchinraith Road. Also the old railway bridge at the top of Craig St / Auchinraith Road. Getting through it going to school as a five year old, even with little traffic, was always ‘interesting ‘. Thanks for this photograph.

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