1925/26 Auchinraith Primary School


1925 & 26 Auchinraith School wm

This is Auchinraith Primary School, in 1925 or 1926. Little Malcolm Dow is pictured third from the right in the back row and reckoned these kids would all be 9 or 10 years old. The teacher was Miss Stewart. A mixed class, both boys and girls, some happy, others not so much.

1926 was a notable year for this school. On 3rd October 1926, headmistress Miss Marion Murray Clark was tragically run down and died in nearby Auchinraith Road, her family successfully suing the driver for £500.

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Moyra Lindsay My mum would have been seven when this was taken but would have known most of them. Malcolm was known all her life as was Mina his wife, and I was in Hamish class at Hamilton.
Miss Clark was feared by my mother, indeed she gave my mother a lifelong hate for knitting. At seven years old my mum went home to tell her mum that she wished miss Clark dead, and not long after her wish came true. My mother died at 87 and never got over this although she still couldn’t find anything nice to say about miss Clark.

Moira Macfarlane Brilliant photo,,
Elizabeth Weaver Anyone recognise any of our family here? Andrea Olsen Mary Sitters IrenePaul ScottSmith? Our mum was born in 1925 but maybe one of the older siblings is in this pic?
Mary Sitters Elizabeth Weaver don’t recognise anyone. Dad would have been 14 in 1926.
Andrea Olsen Elizabeth, Uncle Frank or John might be the only 2 around this age, but I don’t see either of them. My Mum would have been 11 but I don’t see her
Elizabeth Weaver No I don’t recognise any Scotts either. Just thought I’d check.
Morag Campbell Elizabeth Weaver the old man is not here. He would have been 7. I don’t know what school he went to.
Elizabeth Weaver Morag Campbell Do you know what his address and we’d have an idea which school he went to?
Drew Fisher I cannot be 100% certain but I think the girl on second front row, fourth from right was my mother Elizabeth (Beth) Galloway.

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