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grs-donateAs a non-profit charitable website providing a FREE service here and on Facebook, I have unavoidable annual costs of £434 that I now kindly seek help from readers with. In order to research accurately and provide a FREE ancestry service to all Blantyre people, it may come as a surprise, just how much Blantyre Project annual running costs are. (£235.00 WordPress domain and website business plan hosting giving YOU functionality here, £79 British Newspaper Archive to research stories and dates and Ancestry Premium Plan £119.99 to provide FREE ancestry to readers!)

I usually pay this each year to ensure this site remains FREE for everybody who follows it. Managing other Blantyre related websites too, this can soon add up. So, this year I’m trying something a little different.

Can you perhaps spare a little donation of a pound or two to help me get to the annual target? You can choose any amount and pay safely by Paypal, credit or debit card to ‘Blantyre Telegraph’s’ Account which will directly fund Blantyre Project. I do not hold any card details. Every single pound helps remove my personal outlay here.

Indeed, we actually have further costs for third party applications on the website such as our “Community” feature, and further more minor subscriptions to websites like Scotlandsplaces and Britain From Above. SO, your donation is MOST welcome!

So far readers have generously raised £236 towards the 2019 £434 target! Thank you for your support. Donations have so far been received from:
Sandra Cunningham, Scott Travis, Bill McLean, Tom Brown, Sandra Goodall, Margaret Burns, Dawn Oliver, Lorna McIlvaney, Lynn Purcell, Linda Marshall, Avril Keenan, as well as anonymous donations, Your Name Here


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  1. Thanks Archie – That’s sincerely appreciated and you’re right….having people like Alex Rochead and Gordon Cook, for example contribute so much more supportive detail has been great an recognised in dedications within several books. All being well, I hope to have another book out for Christmas, with a slightly different subject matter than usual, (but still about Blantyre). Wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanks for all your continued support.

  2. As a late comer to The Blantyre Project, it was easy to embrace all the stories and pictures. Your books have provided a vehicle for me to pass my home town history to my 3 daughters (convenient Christmas gifts).
    Co-operation and superb input from the other historians you work with have given Blantyronians, wherever they may be, a wonderful feeling of belonging.
    All the work has re-enforced the old adage “you can take the boy out of Blantyre, but you canni take Blantyre out of the boy”.
    So many thanks.

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