Christmas Past

47463294_2261866430514765_2176347653590220800_nThis photo may evoke memories for people on the page. At a time certainly when Christmas was simpler. It wasn’t about what you had, it was all about who you were with, where you were and making the most of that. Just one or two gifts were expected and warmly appreciated.

Hanging cards from the wall with tacks and string, a nice coal fire on, a simple christmas tree with homemade decorations. Getting a Bunty/ Broons/ Dandy/ Beano / Oor Wullie book which would have weeks of reading cover to cover. A time when even the shops would only think about Christmas at the end of November.

How times have changed.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Elaine Speirs Paper garlands falling down constantly and home made paper chains. And your stocking was an actual sock. Happy days.

Elaine Speirs Thats the Mandy annual in the photo. I had forgotten all about that. Great picture

Ann Hartman Reminds me so much of my childhood definitely much simpler then not the commercial hype of today bet not many kids get homemade these days and yet I loved knowing my gran put her heart and soul into everything she made for her grandkids happy happy days

Anthony Smith Reminds me of the mid / late 60,s in Hillview Drive.

Jean Gibson Looks like our living room in Sneddon Street. Such happy memories. Had to get up early on Christmas morning before my dad went to work.

Jessie Caldow Brings back happy memories…waking up early on Christmas morning exited to see if Santa had left anything in the sock!…simple pleasures then 😃

John Dunsmore Defo. Anthony. Smith.same in my parents house. Lime. Grove .

Mary Higgins When kids appreciated what they got !

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Anthony Smith trying remember you and John I stayed in morven lane across from the big house as we called it.?

Margaret Slaven Mc SorleyAnthony Smith did you stay near gribbens or gihoolys.mclindens.?xx

Anthony Smith I’ll go along with your spelling of the Gillhoolies.Bert and John stayed here in the middle years of the 1900,s,this image is from 3 years ago.I lived 9 doors to the left.

Margaret Slaven Mc SorleyAnthony Smith the house with canopy was my friends house Lyn friery.r.i.p.xx.where you zaks brother last house before swing park ? Xx

Margaret Slaven Mc SorleyAnthony Smith got you I remember your mum.I used to care for Mrs Hunter and if your block.lovely woman.small world xx

Anthony SmithMargaret Slaven Mc Sorley Long time ago,though.

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley
Anthony Smith still a memory.xx

Elizabeth Biswell This picture would be every house in Blantyre when I was young. Such amazing memories. Merry Chritmas to you all from New Zealand 🇳🇿

Margaret McLaughlin Russell That looks like our living room Devondale Ave coal fire and nice and cosyx

John Dunsmore Margaret. Slaven. Mcsorley, morven lane the big house was the. Weights x measures 60s did the. Mains family not stay in lane im from 19 lime grove next to. Bobby x. Lizzie. Mc namara x David. Mckinnon.I’ve just turned 70 years young on. March thank the. Lord.🙏

Karen Bissett The Mandy annual-fantastic 😂😂

Margaret Elma Griffin Brought back so many memories the garlands round the wall cards on strings every year I’d get the Broons and oor Wullie happy days

Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre Great memories of Christmas in the 60s, colourful, lots of wee treats and family fun.

Eleanor Connor Brilliant !  💚 💛

Anne Mckillop Well said, the shops will soon start in August

Kathleen Fellowes Great memories.

Margaret Mary OSullivan Just love this! Each family member had their own area for presents! My birthday was October, so I always got the Rupert The Bear annual then. Christmas was for the Judy or Bunty annual. One of the biggest treats was if Santa left a toy Post Office set 

Catherine Morrison Grate memories not like that anymore so mAny loved ones gone X xC

Anne Mosley Definetley the Best times ! X

Stephen Allan When was that photo taken?

Sadie Dolan Best Memories Ever!!! X

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