Book Shop is Live!

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 16.53.58I’m pleased to announce further functionality here on this website with the marvellous addition of the brand new “Shop”, listing all Blantyre Project NINE book products in detail. It’s now live at 

The online book shop makes it easy for any visitor to browse what kind of Blantyre book they wish to buy, depending on category or price and be able to open up the link to read more about each book, before deciding to progress to buying. The Shop will soon also feature a selection of a few Blantyre books by other authors, (chosen by myself) that I think are interesting and the ones worthy of purchase. All Blantyre Project Book sales will continue to go to Blantyre Good causes.

Shopping cart functionality is added making it easier than ever, to order your favourite books right here on this website, from wherever you are in the world! This is similar and in addition to the Facebook page shop, which also lists all 9 books.

Bulk upload of much more content via the additional of new modules to the website is imminent.


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  1. Quick question- if I buy books here in the future, do I pay with my Dollar-denominated credit card, or what?

    1. Ah, good point Mike. This is set up currently for UK buyers. It would be cheaper for you to buy direct from and search for Blantyre Project. I’ll install international links on the shop in the near future. All the best, Paul

      1. Will continue to buy the books via Amazon. By the way, Amazon charges me sales tax (same as your VAT). It’s about 8 1/2 % here in America.

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