1997 Demolition of Post Office

Makes me feel sad. This is the demolition of the Blantyre Post Office on Glasgow Road, incredibly now 21 years ago! These sort of pictures may not have been interesting at the time, but seeing them 2 decades later invokes feelings of nostalgia.

1997 Demolition Post office wm

After the building was demolished, several Blantyre people were interested in acquiring the ‘1953’ masonry date stone to protect and ensure it didn’t get put in a skip. Amongst them was Blantyre man, the late Jimmy Cornfield. Jimmy had struck a deal with the foreman of the wrecking crew, and when he returned with the cash he was told the deal was off, the worker saying his boss has told him it wasn’t for sale and that someone else had taken it. The location of the stone is unknown, but perhaps another local person beat Jimmy to the ‘prize’.

The Post Office then moved further along Clydeview Shopping for a short time. Afterwards the post office relocated west along Glasgow Road to the rear of the Londis supermarket, on the same southern side of the road. Difficult to park there, it feels perhaps a little inconvenient but remains an important, popular resource for the people of Blantyre.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Cornfield Disgraceful

John Cornfield Is it really 21 years omg how time flies

Blantyre Project i had to double check that there in case it was 11, but it was 21! lol1

John CornfieldBlantyre Project I spoke to that foreman for messing my dad about he explained that it was not his decision

Elaine Speirs 21 years later and the parking problem is justcas bad if not worse. The council should put a car park for the main street when they build the new care facility.

Daniel Anderson Said it before it would have made a good wetherspoons

Lynn Anderson Lovely art deco building reduced to rubble absolute disgrace

Bruce Baldwin Loved working there. Great bunch of posties and front counter staff.. Great times

Isabel Mcneily It was a lovely building

Maureen Mccallum Lots of memories of the post office as my dad Bill McGlynn was a PHG in the sorting office at the back

Catherine Whitefield Wonder where the stone went

Douglas Findlay I maureen thay can’t take our memories away x

Stephen Mcgowan I remember the 2 phone boxes in it

Eleanor Connor Doesn’t seem that long ago! ….💚💛

Terry Woods I’ve been looking for a postcard of the post office for years for my collection or a photo of the building before it was demolished. I have a postcard of the post office when it was in the village entrance at the turn of the 20’th century. I’m interested in postcards of any sub post offices from Blantyre or any other Lanarkshire town that I don’t have in my collection, particularly if they are not in my book Post Offices of Lanarkshire to 2016

Elizabeth Knowles Can remember it being built many, many years ago. It was a great improvement on the wee shop previously used.

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