1970 Blantyre Vics Victory Year


1970 Blantyre Vics

1970 was Victory Year for Blantyre Vics! Blantyre Vics won the Scottish Junior Cup. Trophy winning Vics players and officials. In the middle is Hamilton MP, Winnie Ewing.
Do you recognise anybody?

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Jim Selfridge Billy Gallagher great footballer and lovely guy
Thomas Barrett Was at the first game missed the replay.
Tom McGuigan Same here. Went with my Da and my Uncle John who were both members of the Blantyre Celtic.
Thomas Barrett Tom McGuigan remember them well.
Eleanor Clark John Hosie my husband’s uncle
Eleanor Clark Was at the first game, a very close friend died at it
Gerry Walker Went to the first game but was`nt allowed to go to the replay because it was a school night. I was only 9 at the time. I remember them bringing the Cup round the schools before we broke up for the summer. I ended up playing for the Vics 77-78 season. I was 16 then. It was my first ever visit to Hampden Park
Janice Thomson who is the man second up from the left
Matilda Fulston Dally Duncan David Murray
Martin Murray Matilda Fulston don’t think it’s David Murray I think it’s his brother William Murray, my Dai
Stephen Findlay Martin Murray 
I your right smurf. It Was our auld granda. Dai
Stephen Findlay Think dally was on the other side. Williams brother in law tall guy on the right back row
Margaret Brown Burns Matt Boreland he brought the cup up to 26 Morris cres where he stayed I stayed at 28. We all had our photos taken with the cup.
Alex Miller John Hosie. Front row, second from the right. My mum’s brother and therefore my uncle.
Joseph Kane Billy the one and only Gallagher a fantastic gentleman and a lovely family
John Crothers My wife Alice went to all there games with her brother they enjoyed watching them and bringing back that cup to blantyre happy days
Neil Walsh Elaine Cavanagh Stephen Walshy Neil Walsh Ian Stewart far left with the glasses Sammy Walsh
Lesley Hartley My mums dad, my Di, Wullie Murray. His brother David and brother in law Dally are there too
Margaret O’Neill McDonald Pat Moore


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  1. Jim Lynn was a great friend of mine. Scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup replay. He was one of six brothers from Carntyne, Glasgow.

  2. The management team and players brought the cup into calder street.i was in my first year back then.but remember that day well.happy memories.

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