Stonefield Public Park, 1970s



A wonderfully, happy photo of Stonefield Public Park in the early 1970’s. Shared here by Marie Kelly, the woman pictured is Margaret Kelly (Magunnigal) with son Craig. Pictured is the small oval (blue) pool with the park stretching out in the background looking over towards John Street.

The horizon may be misleading if you’re looking at this from a modern context, with the bing shown at Criaghead on the far left, now very much reduced in height.

Whats your memories of playing in the park, and the little oval pool?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Blantyre Project what a brilliant photo!
Kate Mcinulty Lovely photo xx
Elaine Speirs I remember paddling in this pool in plastic sandals. The park was beautiful then, full of flowers and great things for the kids. I remember the rowing boats and the paddle boats you could hire on the big pond too, and Punch & Judy shoes in the summer.
Lynn Delaney I remember there was always broken glass in the little pond and loved the Punch and Judy show in the summer. We played there all the time
Sadie Dolan Loved this pool played in it for hours at a time in the 60s with our packed lunches.
Arlene Campbell What a fab pic
Carolyn Patterson Spent all our time in the pools and the boating pond with packed lunches the swings pitch and putt brilliant memories 💜
Gail Chalmers Spent many a summer playing in the wee blue pool & climbing up to the higher level

Davy Thomson Can anyone remember the auld fella that worked in the putting hut,?? Had an artificial hand, which he always covered with a black leather glove

John Dunsmore His name was. Mr. Jack, to. Me.👍
Maureen Friery Moran Brilliant photo of Margaret (McGunnigal) Kelly and Craig. ❤️❤️
Joe Reid I can Davy. Used to go down there regularly. He once told me that his hand got blown off during the war.
John Cornfield Played down the paddling pool every summer as weans I don’t remember much broken glass in the paddling pool occasionally a cut foot but we’d walk down from Camelon Crescent with just swimming trunks budgie smugglers 😂😆most of the times with no shoes on ! Seems hard to believe now but we did their was water drinking fountains all over the park a piece on jam or if Mam was flush it was butter and jam and that was us all day in the summer holidays no sun tan lotion nothing oor James the Allan’s the Murrays Steff Brownlie Mick Lennon all the boys from Camelon
The park then in the 60s and 70s was in its heyday as well as paddling pool boating pond putting green beautiful flower beds all over it the big draughts / chess board up at the Cowan / Wilson arch and two sets of swings and chutes and roundabouts the top Park also had a horse that I split my head on and was took over to doctor Cassidy house in Station Road to get stitches without an anaesthetic happy days 😂😆
Marie Kelly John Cornfield Margaret Donald Davie Steven Craig & Scott Kelly lived in Camelon Crescent for 9year
John Cornfield Marie Kelly when Marie and what number? I remember a David and Steve Kelly who lived higher up the street next to Danny and Alex Kelly Skin McFaulds the Stewart s McMillans Frazer’s Logies up the higher numbers Rab and James Lee

Marie Kelly John Cornfield they stayed in number 30 he knows all the people you’v mentioned

John Cornfield Marie Kelly And me ? Is it Steve or Dave

Marie Kelly John Cornfield it’s Davie I’m married to

Marie Kelly He’s sitting next to me commenting he says hi

Sandra Murphy Fond memories of playing in this pool. Also the paddle boats in the big pool. Loved going to the park.

Catherine Whitefield Great memories . Used to go there in the summer with my mum . My brother’s and sisters. My mum’s sisters an all my cousins . We spent many a happy time there x

John Allan Remember it well

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