1944 Livingstone Church Choir


1944 first junior choir Livingstone Church 1944Alex Bowie has shared this other nice photo of his Mother’s Livingstone Church Choir. Her maiden name was Mary Inglis and she ran Choirs most of her life. Her first Junior Choir was in 1944 as pictured here, when she was 20 years old. She retired from Conducting in 2011.

The children would all have been born in the 1930’s. The picture is taken behind the Livingstone Church on Glasgow Road, with the manse shown on the left and the St Josephs Manse on the right. Many of the names are thankfully known. Are YOUR relatives amongst the list?

Back Row
? J Maitland, I Train, M Smith, N Robertson, ?, Jean Taylor, C Forrest, B Brown, A Berry,
Middle Row – Adults
Mary Bowie, Chrissie Allan, Nan Berry, Tom Johnston, Mary Paterson
Middle Row – Children
A Berry, ? Berry, A Robertson, R Pender, ? Granger, M Ritchie, J Dickson, C Nelson, B Nimmo, ?,?,
Front Row
?, M Dunsmuir, H Nimmo, ?, D Taylor, N Gordon, R Izett, ?, ?, ? Beck, B Izett, T McCloy, M Dickson, Two of the question marks are C McGinty and C Hamilton, but not sure which ones.

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Alison Waters My mum is in front row 😊
Kate Mcinulty Brilliant photo Xx

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