1967 Railway Proposal


In April 1967, the Glasgow – East Kilbride Railway Development Association proposed that the demolished railway running over the Calder via Greenhall up to East Kilbride, should be rebuilt at a cost of around £5,000,000.

The proposal came about due to heavier vehicle traffic in East Kilbride, Blantyre and Hamilton and trains were thought to be a viable solution to alleviate the problem. Whilst Blantyre already had the building of Stage 1 of the EK Expressway underway by this time, the proposal offered savings on the building of the Queensway and down to Cathkin.

However, later that year, with costs rising on all major roads projects in the region, it was clear that roads were being underpriced and more realistic financial accounting meant that savings on Queensway were likely going to be unrealistic to ever materialise. The railway proposals were shelved indefinitely.

Can you imagine if this had gone ahead!? Jumping on a train, like in previous decades to go to East Kilbride, high above the Calder!

Pictured in Winter 1984, some 34 years ago are the existing pillars of the former elevated railway to East Kilbride. With thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing this photo some time ago.

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Russell Boyd A mistake people often make is that you could get the train from high blantyre to ek. As for everything ive seen i dont even think you could get it from low blantyre either
Blantyre Project True. The High Blantyre Station connected Hamilton and on to Stathaven. The Low Blantyre Station serving the Hamilton to Glasgow line. You definitely wouldnt be able to travel to EK from High Blantyre Station, but if you walked to the Halt behind Crossbasket, you could hop on the train to EK.  Nearly all of the Greenhall Pillars were in Cambuslang Parish, the railway continuing on up over the Leeburn, (where it crossed into EK Parish). The railway after leaving Blantyre at Hunthill crossed the pillars, the first stop being Calderglen Halt above Crossbasket. It then headed westwards to the station at East Kilbride. Beyond that to the west , passengers could travel on to Hairmyres Station, then Thorntonhall. The next stops to the NW were Busby and Clarkston.
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