1960’s High Blantyre Primary


1960s High Blantyre Pr wm

Next we go to High Blantyre Primary in the 1960’s. This photo shows a PE or gym class in the main hall at the former school on Hunthill Road. Some of the names of the pupils are known:

Boys on the top Left to right is David McKay, Jim Gray, Tom Watson, Ross McLochlan, Ian Baird. Centre boys are: Kenneth Wilson, Tom Hobson, Robert Stewart. Front row of boys are Jim Beaton,      ? Maxwell ?, George Wilson, Spud Daisley and William Brown.

The Teacher standing smartly on the left, is the rather strict Craig Brown, who many people will know as going on to famously coach Scotland’s International team. Janitor on the right is Mr. John Baird.
A little bit more about some of the boys. Ian Baird is the janitors son, David McKay son of High Blantyre’s ‘beat polis’, Tom Hobson son of Hobson’s the butcher in High Blantyre, Jim Beaton son of the owner of Beaton’s coaches.
With thanks to James D Brown of Calderside for this photo.
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Liz Allan The one with the ? And Maxwell. Is it not maxi grey.

James Gray Yes it’s Maxy Gray (brother)

Carrie MacKenzie Campaigne Uncle Maxy hasn’t changed a bit 😱

Alan Baird The janitor is john baird , i was always asked if he was my dad, i started at high blantyre primary in 1967 my 1st teacher was miss dalrymple my class was room 10 , i can still remember what it looked like too , the headmaster was david crawford , everyone was terrified of him out of respect , i also mind the boilerman was william ford , the last teacher i had before going to calder street secondary , was mrs gill i often wonder where she is and what she is doing today .

Elizabeth Weaver I didn’t go to HB Primary but I remember Jock Baird from the choir at the Old Parish Church. He had a powerful voice!
Bobby Brown Yes ,cracking picture.
Karen Donnelly Angie Wilson ur dad an George r in this x
Isobel Hollis I started teaching there in 1969, having been a pupil too; Mr Baird was very memorable! Mrs Dalrymple was in Reception
Shona Preston great photo some characters in that group
Angie Wilson Karen Donnelly I can spot uncle George a mile away at the front lol dad back rite I think 😂😂 X

Karen Donnelly Angie Wilson he’s in the middle row first left x

Angie Wilson Ha i just spotted him after I wrote that, think a need specks 🤣🤣 x
Angie Wilson Liz Morgan Hawkins show Auld Kenny this one x
Keith MacLean Rab Stewart is that you middle right😊

Shannon Callaghan Keith MacLean middle right 😂

Gemma Watson Margaret Watson. Yeah seen this one a few time. Dont think its a pe class though…think it was gymnastic club or something. You can ask him x

Margaret Watson Gemma Watson it was a gymnastic club

Jim Brown Tom Hobson (GBNF) was the nephew of the butcher.
William Houldsworth I remember it well, I was at the school during that time, great memories.

Hazel Aitken My p1 teacher was mrs dalrymple too and i remember vividly running home in the middle of the class and being dragged back by my mum and brother and mrs dalrymple pulling me in and locking the big door. Seems like yesterday – not nearly 50 years ago. Hx

Dawn Stokes Mrs Dalrymple was my p1 teacher too Hazel. I still have vivid memories of her bringing all the latecomers into the p1 class and whacking them on the backside with her cane. The good old days eh?
Elizabeth Lovatt I was most of these boys cub scout leader….oh! how this brings back memories….Ian Baird was in my Sunday School class as well and David Mackie was my friends younger brother (Sheila ) Mr Bairds wife Nan had her hair done in my hairdressers every week. Waw…..great photo

Alison Adam Great picture. What year? I started in 1965 and yes,it was Mrs Dalrymple. I remember how hard it was to say her name! Plasticine, rods, Dick and Dora etc etc. Happy days. Miss Armitt in P2, and Miss Sloan in P3 I think. Miss Dines was my least favourite teacher and we flaming well got her twice cos she went and got married and came back as Mrs Quinn and we got her again in P5. I was Alison Dick then.

Jim Cochrane Mr Baird the janny lived right across the road from the school.

Jim Cochrane remember Mr Baird shoveling coal into the school boilers for the heating,there was a big coal heap in the corner of the playground.

Jim Cochrane Got the belt from Mr Crawford a few times

Liz Morgan Hawkins That’s a belter.Kenny said your mum gave him a bowl cut just before this was taken 😂😂😂

Nadine Bell Absolutely love this picture, Tom Hobson is my Uncle <3

Eleanor Hobson My brother Tom Hobson is middle row, middle boy

Liz Barrett Good pic kenny 😂 x

Carole M Castle I remember Ian Baird and his dad who was the school janitor and they lived in Park Crescent I also remember Mr Crawford the headmaster I recognize most of the boys names I went from there to Calder Street

Linda Marshall Dougie your relations on my uncle Billy’s side x

Linda Marshall Llianne 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻😂😂😂 x

Dougie Beaton Llianne B Rreed where is he lol xx
Llianne B Rreed Dougie Beaton it’s jim. Front row 1st on the left xx
Linda Marshall Dougie Llianne not long ago tagged ur dad in this lol x

Llianne B Rreed Linda Marshall oh did you lol! Xx

Linda Marshall Llianne the coment above urs lol x

Jim Donnelly I remember Wee Stuart (Spud) Daisley,He stayed next door to my Aunt in 7 Calderwood Drive.

Tricia Lappin Isabell Isabella Mcginty show this to your Stewart Daisley x

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