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37293787_953758561469990_7407978034730369024_nMatthew McGuigan says, “Who remembers The Kimbos?. Massively popular in Scotland in the early sixties before classically trained Andy Ross left to form The Andy Ross Orchestra and went on to national UK fame. Later, Andy was to become musical director of Come Dancing which he did for 30 years. I remember them well as they played all the largest dance halls of the era.

Andy Semple ( a Blantyre lad) was the vocalist and rythmn guitarist of whom it was said “Andy Semple, a happy-go-lucky sort of young chap who played rhythm guitar. He was at pains to point out that the Pavilion was one of the best ballrooms in the country, saying it was like a palace compared to some of the places they had to play in down south. What made the Kimbos stand out among many modern pop groups of the time was that they were versatile enough to play ballroom and old time equally as well as the twist and the shake!”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Janey Murray Andy Jean and Jim were our neighbours in Devondale Ave x

Liz Jack Who remembers Don Star and the midnights Shug Allan Jim Duffy I think Bobby Stafford can’t remember other one have a picture somewhere x

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Janet did they move to no even avenue ? Xx

Catherine McGlynn Hugh Allan was our next door neighbour.

Catherine McGlynn Did they use Blantyre Community Centre to practise?

Frances Reid they used to play in the olympia in East kilbride 1962

Jean MacKie He isn’t in that photo Helen xx

Helen Allan You have to post 1 that he’s in

Jean MacKie I will when I find it lol xx
Jane Scobbie Can’t believe they posted a photo without the main guy, oor Andy. C’mon Jean you really need to find one and give it to the Blantyre Project
Jean MacKie I will Jean lol xx
Ann Millar Jeeeeeeeeeean!, whit aboot ANDY, come oan noo, no the same withoot ANDY, in the💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jean MacKie Don’t know where they got that one old Andy must have taken it lol xx

Hannah Mcaleenan awe wheres andy jean look thro your photoes

Helen Gibb I was just talking about Andy Ross & his orchestra in come dancing loved d that programme Agnes & Andy Finnie’s son x
Sally Jamieson Helen Gibb I think you mean Finnie!!x
Sally Jamieson Helen Gibb I think you mean Finnie!!x

Helen Gibb Lol 😂 can’t believe I done that x

Sally Jamieson Helen Gibb as its late Helen hopefully only you and me noticed!!x
Helen Gibb Sally Jamieson hopefully x I’ve changed it x
Jean MacKie My other brother Jimmy dawn was in the band with Andy finnie
Marion Chatham I lived across from Andy Semple in Devondale Avenue he was also a member of the Fortunes.
William Dickson was at olympia east kilbride every friday to hear them lead singer andy semple went on to play with the searchers in the 60 s

Mhairi Wilson Think the Fortunes

William Dickson sorry ment the fortunes andy finished his career in clubland
Eileen Stevenson Andy and Jimmy were my late husbands cousins, Andy was his best friend ❤️🎸
Anne Marie Murray Andy Semple and Andy Ross were friends of my parents.I remember when my mother worked in the Parkville they would come in and see her when they were home…
Elizabeth O’Donovan Andy Ross lives in Malaga haven’t seen him recently but he was Musical director of the local performing arts group xx
Liz Jack Remember them well memories
Campbell James Andy Semple aka. Shell McRae….:-))

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  1. Thats my papa top of the picture. Jimmy (Jim) Wright, he was bass guitar for The Kimbos

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