1979 Weddings Blantyre Folks

Some more weddings of Blantyre folk from 1979.

First up is Blantyre couple Ellen McGinley and David McTear. Ellen of Northway, married David of Burnside Crescent at Livingstone Memorial Church.

1979 Ellen McGinley & David McTear wm

Next is Hamilton lady Fiona Kane who married Andrew Moran of Blantyre. The couple were married at St Joseph’s Church, Blantyre.

1979 Fiona Kane & Andrew Moran wm

and finally, Michael Kelly of Waverley Terrace, High Blantyre married Chapelton woman,  Joann Moore, the wedding taking place in Chapelton. Here’s hoping all their lives were and still are blessed with happiness.

1979 Joan Moore & Michael Kelly wm

1979 Michael Kelly & Joan Moore

What can you tell me about any of the couples?

All the wedding photos are added to the photos archive. If any of the couples for any reason, wish them to be removed, please do get in contact.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Davy Thomson James Patrick Barrett, is this Eileen’s brother?
James McMillan Ashley McTier is this your mum and dad x
Blantyre Project Ashley what should the second name be corrected to and I’ll update. Sometimes Hamilton Advertiser reporters got it wrong and wouldnt want to replicate that here.

Ashley McTier Helen and David are my mum and dad and there still very much happily married ❤️xx

Helen Robb It would lovely to have a photo of each of the couples as they are now, if possible. Xxx

Blantyre Project thats a big ask! Some of the couples will hopefully do that.

Helen Robb Blantyre Project lol, you never know, hopefully. It would be lovely to see them all now and find out how life has been to them in the years gone by. Xxx

Fiona Jones Fiona lovely picture

Fiona Moran We were so young!! Ruby anniversary next year and we’re still young 😁😁

Fiona Moran I was born in England but both my parents were born and bred in Blantyre.
I used to come to Blantyre every Easter for a holiday and loved every minute 😊
Anne Irvine Helen + Davy McTier. My lovely neighbours + not changed a bit 😅
Anne Mosley I remember Helen from School ,lovely person

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