Preparing for Remembrance

During a visit to High Blantyre Cemetery today, I was delighted to see it looking so tidy, not least because kind people like Archie Arbuckle and John Dunsmore have been washing down the graves.

However, it was the nice and notable improvements that caught my eye. This year on 11th November 2018 will be 100 years to the day since the end of WW1 and ahead of remembrance, High Blantyre Cemetery railings and gates have all been painted.


Out go the old benches and now in their place are beautiful remembrance benches, complete with dashes of colour. The bins nearby also have been replaced with facilities more fitting for the Cenotaph area at the War Memorial, again decorated with soldiers and poppies.


It would seem that South Lanarkshire Council may be responsible for these upgrades, and if so, very well done to them! Equally so, if a business or individual has funded these, then thank you and fair play to them too. All said and done, the cemetery is looking beautiful.



Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Sally Jamieson What a difference.
Elizabeth Grieve Looks beautiful
Gail Smith Lovely
Traci Smith Never forget all our services men and woman who losted their lives through all wars . To those who survived with terrible injuries Never Forget
Lynn Anderson Looks lovely
Karen Paterson how long will it last though before vandals strike 😢
Sally Mckean Not before time
Libby Moffat Looks lovely ; my great -grandfathers name is on the war memorial ww1 all our service men : who served and lost there lives deserve all our respect and gratitude xx
Rose Lee SLC Ogilvie benches, planned for Auchintibber too.
Anne Cook How lovely !!
Jane Paterson Very nice have they repaired all the headstones that have been toppled over that would really tidy up the cemetery
Blantyre Project i see the council has inspected them all , put a support post in those that are in danger and left a note for families to be careful or repair. I was surprised that SLC had done such an extensive survey.

Jane Paterson Blantyre Project I’ve contacted SLC on numerous occasions regarding them only to be told the responsibility is the owner of the lair let’s be honest the majority of these people have probably passed away. Would it be such a hard task for SLC to carry out these repairs

Betty Dargue Jane Paterson i also got told that few yrs back & seen what they had done 2 the head stones like u said i said 2 them about most of there familys will be not hear now

Jane Paterson Betty Dargue I’ve been emailing SLC and phoning parks department over the past few years I’ve spoke with local councillors and have been repeatedly told it’s not their responsibility.
On one of my visits earlier this year I met an elderly lady in tears she drives down twice a year from Inverness to visit her parents and family graves
She couldn’t believe the state of the graves two of her family headstones had been toppled. I told her I would contact the council again and let them know
I felt so sorry for her, they should hold a public meeting to discuss the cemetery and listen to the views of them.

Marian Maguire So lovely and kind that people never forget to keep memorials in top condition.
Liz Allan How lovely xx
Thomas Barrett Credit were credits due well done SLC.
Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre The seating and litter bins are lovely design. Unfortunately it is difficult for SLC to do anything with the toppled over headstones as they are property of individual owners of the layers. However if they pose a danger the Council will make safe – you will see this when you walk around the cemetery as notices have been posted.
Blantyre Project Maureen – does ownership of the lair not pass to council after 100 years from burial? I was once told this but cant get anybody (including council) to confirm. Would be interested to ask somebody in cemeteries dept. that question.

Jane Paterson Blantyre Project I thinks it’s a joke SLC keep saying it’s the owner of the lairs responsibility to look after it. I have asked the same question the majority of these people have probably passed and if there are no children then whose left to look after the grave.
I don’t think we are asking a lot……..
SLC should send someone over to Airbles Road Cemetery in Motherwell which is in North Lanarkshire the cemetery is a credit to the staff who take care of it.

Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre Update photo on Miners Memorial


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Elaine Speirs Very fitting tribute
Malcolm Anderson Wonderful and thoughtful….especially marking the centenary of the cessation of WW1….Lest we forget on this occasion someone hasn’t
Tom Thomson To all who are Only Resting Here, till we all meet again,our thanks to you for all you have done for us

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