Glasgow Road Redevelopment 2018

Asda’s Site Work Progresses

You may have noticed that all the demolition work at Clydeview Shopping Centre, near ASDA is complete. The protective hoarding is now down leaving for the first time, wide open expansive views from the carpark right down to the Sports Centre and the colours of the Public Park. The site is currently fenced off to the public, but now much easier to see work progressing.

ASDA’s contractors remain on the Glasgow Road site this week installing ducts to future proof the site for later retail units. Contractors are currently involved with earthworks having to build up the area substantially to protect against flooding.

As you may be aware, planning has been granted to build 3 new retail units (2 large and 1 small). Timpson’s (the key cutting shop currently in ASDA foyer) has confirmed it will occupy the small unit once built. It’s unknown at this time who will occupy the larger premises.

Whilst it’s great to see work progressing, we can’t help share some concerns. Our latest photos from today appear to show hard landscaping actually underway with concrete pathway heel kerbs already laid and laying out a final finished surface! As it stands, there’s actually no foundations built yet for any new buildings and to see kerbing going down already seems strange. We’re looking for some answers, but ASDA were not available for comment when we enquired. We will however continue to seek an official update or press release directly from them and fully publish in due course. Important: Before we “set any hares running” and not wishing to assume, it may be that there’s a delay with the units or they’ve simply been relocated further along in an area where work has not yet started.

Plans for this redevelopment were meant to introduce new business to Blantyre and remove the old “closed shutters” look for Glasgow Road. Those plans have already been scaled down a year or so ago so we hope they haven’t been scaled down further or postponed. Blantyre needs an enhanced retail area at this location.

On a more positive note, it has been confirmed the open areas around the units will have a combination of bushes, trees, grass and brand new hard landscaping, so the whole area should at least look nice, modern, green and with comfortable places to sit overlooking the park, transforming the area by as early as Springtime 2019.

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