High Blantyre Primary Show, 1979

At end of term in June 1979, there was a cast of hundreds (well almost a hundred) when the pupils of High Blantyre Primary School put on a spectacular production of “Josephs Technicolour Dreamcoat.”

I remember watching this like it was yesterday, although remember feeling relieved not to be chosen to be in it!

The pupils all aged between 9 and 12 were from P5 to P7, part of the Schools new Music and Drama Club. This was a real dedicated effort. Despite 3 performances in June, the pupils had been practising since September before! Routines were slick, including dancing and singing. The stage was beautifully decorated and if i remember right, the gym hall was absolutely packed, with some parents even standing on the lower rungs of the gym bars at the back to see! Four of the school’s teachers had been coaching the pupils, refining the acts to perfection. Pictured are the pupils who took part from Miss Hays, Mrs Wisharts and Mr Robinson’s classes.

Do YOU remember this? Recognise anybody? Feel free to comment or tag.

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Blantyre Project i remember this like yesterday. LOTS of well known faces in there. Please TAG!

Sharon Pollock Longmuir I remember it like yesterday too. Fabulous!! X

Blantyre Project I see Kirstie Tweedie, Neil Wilson, Tracy Stirling, Wilma Robertson, Julia Salven, Karen McGhechan, Craig Hay to name a few….

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  1. Elaine Tadhunter

    I was in this show I was 11 and I recognise Karen Leggate and Gail Russell. Lots of familiar faces but can’t remember the names! Can’t see myself here. I left blantyre when I was 14 so lost touch with everyone:(

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