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1979 Blantyre High TV Team wm

Here’s the 1979 news from BHTV, read to you by Carolynn Kennedy and Margaret McCutcheon, Blantyre’s answer to Anna Ford and Angela Rippon!

1979 Margaret McCutcheon

Margaret McCutcheon

In June 1979, the pupils of Blantyre High School, set up their own experimental TV station! The school had the use of their own TV equipment and under the guidance of teacher Brian Mathieson, the pupils had been making their own TV programmes.

News stories were supplied by Hamilton Advertiser reporters and with the addition of some local news particular to the school, the ladies had plenty to report on.

The production team was Anne McNeill on sound, Isobel McKinlay on graphics, Carol Murdoch assistant news reader, Mhari Nicholson script supervisor, Lucille McLelland on lighting,  Jacqueline MacKenzie with the camera and Morag Anderson the news editor.

Margaret McCutcheon and Carolynn Kennedy were the programme presenters. Mr Mathieson said at the time, “The video equipment has been a useful exercise in showing pupils what communication is all about.”

From the Encyclopaedia, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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