Dark Room Secrets

Lots of us will remember the Dark Room at David Livingstone Centre, the exhibit without lights that was always a little spooky. Who can forget turning the handle and more latterly pressing the button to see the lights coming on at the marvellous tableaux displays. It was always a popular feature when kids visited the centre.


So, its wonderful news that the darkroom will still appear in the renovated museum, receiving of course a makeover and maintaining the popular feature. A few months ago when I was invited down to the museum during the stripping out works, I was surprised to see that the dark room exhibits were each carefully placed into what was the recessed bed spaces in the tenement! That particular day, as photos show, the exhibits were being carefully removed and packed up and the bed space at the back was clear to see.


A space that had not been seen by visitors for around 89 years and not been slept in for well over 90 years!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Sandy Wilkie Rest assured they’ll be back and will remain one if the key features in the “new” Memorial!
Margaret Stewart I remember going into the dark room as a child. It was so scary but exciting. As I got older I appreciated what the scenes depicted. Glad to see it coming back
John Dunsmore Movie. Time the mattee .👍
Elizabeth Knowles Remember it well, as a child we went down to the Livingstone Memorial often both with my Grand Parents Fraser and as a Sunday School Treat. When I am asked were I was born always reply Brantyre birthplace of David Livingstone. Thank you for lovely memories
Betty McLean Very happy to know these will be preserved.

Helen Lawson Taylor Great pictures and it was frightening when young being in the dark room it worth it .

Andy Callaghan Part of my childhood. Really pleased to see it preserved.

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