1979 Round Table & Guides


1979 Guides and Brownies

This ceremony in October 1979 at the David Livingstone Centre marked the strengthening of links between Blantyre Scotland and Blantyre, Malawi.

On Friday 5th October 1979, Mr Frank M Kalamula, assistant High Commissioner for Malawi accepted an £850 cheque from Blantyre Round Table and Blantyre 4th Brownie Pack. The cash was to be used for a vital traction machine in a children’s ward in a  hospital in Malawi. In todays money, this would have been around £5,000.

Ron McClelland, chairman of the Table handed over the cheque, whilst Brownie members, Brown Owl Vivien Tweedie and Tablers Robin Douglas and Calum Stewart looked on. The Brownies had staged a sponsored “hush” but the money overall was raised jointly with the Round Table too.

Do you know any of the children? I think I see Vivien’s daughters Kirsty and Una.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Gillian Mcauley I was going to say I don’t remember that but I was only 4. Did you send the picture to Dad?

David McClelland Yes, sent a txt message pic 🙂. We had moved to Hamilton by then.

Lorna Clarkson That’s fab!

David McClelland That’s our Dad, a good reminder that the Round Table wasn’t just a boozing club 🙂.
Berry Mary Clare Logan Binnie is that Collette Wylie ?
Colette Ormiston Yes that’s me on the right.

Stuart Fraser Colette Ormiston haven’t changed a bit!

Clare Logan Binnie Oh it looks like her

Anna Lyon Not sure about the Brownies but I knew Viven

Ann Higgins Crossar Yes – Colette Wylie on far right and Una 1st left and kirstie on left beside Colette- I was in this brownie and guide unit. Great days.x

Debbi Evans Lesley Hinshelwood just thought I’d let you see this as Colette in this pic xx

Eleanor Gilmour Gosh, my brother many years ago.
Margaret Potter Wonderful


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