1979 Blantyre Weddings

More weddings from 1979! Do you recognise any of the Blantyre folk?

1979 Christine Fraser & Alex SullieFirst up is High Blantyre bride Christine Fraser of Calderwood Drive married hubby Alex Sullie of Wishaw in Blantyre Old Parish Church.

1979 Jane Elizabeth Little & Scott Pollock

Blantyre couple Jane Elizabeth Little of Dunallan, Glasgow Road married Scott Pollock of nearby Northway. They married just a little further up the road at David Livingstone Memorial Church.

1979 Margaret Wood & William Crookston

Finally, beautiful bride Margaret Wood of Main Street, High Blantyre married Hamilton man William Crookston, marrying in Hamilton.

All photos added to the Blantyre Project Wedding Archives. As always, if any person in these photos wishes them to be removed, just let me know.

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