1977 Queen Mother Visits


1977 Queen Mother 1

The 24th May 1977, was a Royal Visit day for Blantyre when the Africa Pavilions opened at the David Livingstone Centre. As these pictures show, the Queen Mother opened the building, her first visit back to Blantyre since she opened the David Livingstone Museum in 1929.

Here, she meets head gardener Mr Alistair McKeller complimenting him on his fine work. Looking on is Bill Cunningham, the centre warden. In the other picture she meets volunteer Mr James Thomson. Her majesty made sure all the volunteers and staff that day knew she appreciated their hard work.

1977 Queen Mother 2

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Blantyre Project think i have colour photos of this somewhere. I’ll try to find them.
Elizabeth Weaver Nice to see Bill Cunningham again.
Brian Weaver And Jimmy Thomson?

Elizabeth Weaver Brian Weaver Do I know him?

Brian Weaver From Hamilton Drive

Elizabeth Weaver I recognise the name but not the face.

Henry Hambley Yes, I agree with Brian. It was the picture of Jimmy Thomson which gave me a sense of nostalgia.

Brian Weaver If memory serves me right, Jimmy was Bill’s father-in-law.

Ann Boyd I remember this we were taken with the school, we were standing at the top of station rd just outside the Clydesdale bank…

Davy Thomson Ann Boyd, your right, auchinraith was the same,, we were all given wee union Jacks to wave
Ann Boyd your right Davy so we did all we got was a quick look and it was all over lol….

Gail Chalmers We were taken by the school & lined the road right beside the entrance to the centre

Blantyre Project i have an early memory of this too, but being on Glasgow Road near corner of Station Road as the car went by.

Ronnie McLean My Mum, Margaret Pearson,now 94,lived in Knightswood Terrace.At the opening ceremony she was part of a pageant,dressed up as a an African kid,blacked up and wearing a knitted black curly wig – hardly pc!

Karen Paterson Simpkins I remember this. We lined up just outside the entrance and saw a glimpse of her as she passed.
Alison Walker-Hill I was in the Girl Guide’s guard of honour and spoke to her. There is o photo that was in the Hamilton Advertiser.
Sally Jamieson I remember that day so well. I was standing on the bridge over the railway station when she passed in the car. I remember thinking my Mum and Dad want believe that I have been away down here!! Little did I know then that we would end up living in the Village!
Lorraine Brown I remember standing in station road too – waving a flag 😂
Jean Richardson I would have been around there too Sally.
Am I making up an image of hundreds of weans charging down the brae after her as she passed!!
Sally Jamieson Jean Richardson I don’t remember that but that might be because it would have been too far away for me🤣🤣

John Mckeen I also remember the day. I think I lined the road at the corner of Farm road.

Elaine Speirs I was standing outside the gates of the Jo’s that day. I was jelous that other kids had flags and I didnt!

Elaine Douglas-Coley My mum served her tea. The curators Bill and Betty found out her favourite kind and my mum and I had to go to Fraser’s in Glasgow to find it.

Linda Halpin I knew Bill well i worked there as a tour guide, he was chuffed when the film crew came for my Opportunity Knocks spot x
Linda Halpin My mum was Nine when she saw her in 1929 x

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