Stonefield Road Pub Refused, 1979


1936 Robertsons Laun

1930’s Stonefield Road, Burnbrae Road leading off to right

In March 1979, AA Brothers, a then well known off sales chain were refused permission to build a new pub in Blantyre.

The drinks chain had a sister company Castle Wines, operating from Bothwell Road and had applied to open a brand new public house at their premises at 145 Stonefield Road (at a tenement building at the junction of Burnbrae Road).

When planning application was submitted, the council received a flood of objections. Not just from residents nearby, but also from Blantyre Old Parish Church and the Community Council , on the basis there were too many pubs in Blantyre already. Over 200 people complained forcing planners to reject AA Brothers plans. Rejection by the council was primarily due to the fact that it was close to the High Blantyre Primary School and the brand new Larkfield Community Centre, built half a year earlier.

AA Brothers, not happy at the outcome sold their building shortly after, which along with adjacent tenements was cleared to make way for the current Larkfield Shops.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Hugh Rodgers Eleanor Wemyss i can even see the house i was born in .thanks eleanor.
Eleanor Wemyss Your welcome dad lol xx

Alan Baird the three storey part of the building was not there in 1979 im almost 100% sure of that the two part was there for a good while after then , i can remember sheltering in the close from the rain , there was a big blue door on the close which was left open , i also in years to come worked on the five houses which are built there between the hairdressers and the larkfield shops


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