House near Hasties, 1992


Stephen Anderson took these photos back in 1992, just off Victoria Street. As he contemplated buying this old house, it was already boarded up and shortly after was demolished to make way for Victoria Care Home, built in 1996.

How remembers this house and what can you tell me about its modern history? (I have older Pre WW2 details already mapped out, thanks)

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Lon McIlwraith This was the house that my grandparents Bob and Kathy Brown owned and lived in up until they sold Hasties Farm.
Blantyre Project Thanks Lon – I was hoping to find out what happened to the house after they sold it. Do you know? These photos would suggest it may have simply become derelict?

Lon McIlwraith Blantyre Project I think it might have been used or rented out by later owners of Hasties Farm, but not sure.

Elaine Fallon Macpherson Was it not used as a taxi office at one point?
James Sime I was thinking it was the taxi office.
Jan McDonald Yes it was for a short time

Anne Irvine I remember my mum calling hasties farm “Broons”. Prob in early 70,s?

Teresa McKinnon My husband and I both worked in Hasties Farm we held our wedding reception there Kathy & Bob gave us the use their bedroom to change into our “going away outfits” for our honeymoon in 1976 It was a beautiful house .

Sheena Thomson When I was married in 1969 Bob and Cathy rented their back room to me and my husband we stayed there for about 6 months before we moved into a flat belonging to my dad on Glasgow road, don’t remember what happened to it after Bob and Cathy retired to Inverkip.

Geordie McClenaghan Stuart Mcintosh is this the old house we used to play in across from Asda?
Stuart Mcintosh Geordie McClenaghan Sure is. We found old golf clubs in it one day. Happy memories
Geordie McClenaghan Stuart Mcintosh yeah that’s what I was thinking about when I seen it 👍🏻

Liz Smith A can fiend this out my sister in law is bob and cathys neice x

Matthew Neil If I’m right a man called Sam plokitof or similar had it last
Julie Tabor Thought it was used as taxi office

Steven Park Sam plotnikoff was last to stay there, attached to the house was an old garage forecourt, thats where taxi company operated from,when the garage,/petrol station, was going the fuel they sold was NATIONAL don’t know if that company exists any more

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