1979 Retiring at Livingstone Memorial Primary


1979 Livingstone Memorial School retirements

A double retirement for 2 individuals at Livingstone Memorial Primary School took place in April 1979.

School Secretary Mrs Agnes Prentice and Assistant head Mr Alex Davies left the school for retirement. Mrs Prentice had been there for 10 years, but Mr Davies had been there for 20 years , since the school had been built. His career went even further back than that though, having taught in Blantyre at other schools since 1948.

Do you remember Mrs Prentice or Mr Davies?

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Cathy Harper Thank you so much for sharing this. Mr Davies was my last teacher at DLMP and was strict but fair. Wish I had done more writing, as he was always so encouraging to me. Seeing his photo brings him vividly to mind. X
Robert Stewart DLMPS opened 1957, before that Mr Davis taught at Low Blantyre Primary.
Margaret Stewart I remember Mr Davies. He loved us singing “in the bleak mid winter” or the poem “I wondered lonely as a cloud”…. If my memory serves me well 😀
Anne Irvine Lots of memories of Mr Davies. Sure he was assist head to Mr Lewis
Irene Agnew Remember Mr Davies !!! Was one of the first into DLMP school when it first opened in the 50 ‘s !!!!

Gary Cassidy Mr. Davies made this wee shy guy from dundee welcome at Davie Livies.
Kept an eye out for me .

John Mckeen Remember Mr Davies well. He loved to talk about his garden.

Helen Grieve I was in Mr Davies’ class the first P7 in DLMP. Mr Pettigrew was the other P7 teacher. The head master then was Mr Hamilton his daughter was in my class.

Marie Kelly I remember Mr Davies well a very nice man

Gail Chalmers I remember Mr Davies & Mr Lewis who was the head teacher when I left livvies for Blantyre high in 1978

Sandy Wilkie I was fortunate to be in Mr Davies class during last class before moving on to the Academy – I learned a LOT from him, a heck of a lot! Anyone else from that class around? Shug, Alex, Willie P?
Catherine Paterson Yes Sandy Wilkie Willie P remembers Mr Davies well. He often talks about the day you all left Nessies to walk to the new school hand in hand in 1956 ☺️

Sheena Thomson Yes I was in his class before going to Calder Street,I was born on Calder Street and went to Nessie’s school then went to DL 1956,that same year we moved to Morven Avenue.

Kate Mcinulty Remember Mr davies well. Great wee school x

Janice Bickerstaff I was always sent by my classmates to talk to Mr Davies about his tomato plants as my uncle grew them. Whilst I kept him occupied the rest had a blast! He was lovely.

Marion Roy Hi Liz. Great to see the photo! Mr Davies was the assistant head when I started teaching in David Livingstone in 1976. The lady in the photo was Agnes Duncan not Agnes Prentice and was school secretary. The girl beside her was Aileen Prentice.

Liz Burns I’m sure you’ll have great memories Marion. Xx
Margaret Sanderson I had Mr Davies in P7 for a short period of time in 1966 but he became acting head for most of the school year 1966/67 so we ended up with various temporary student teachers and teachers for our last year.

Lisa Smith Lee James Smith is this the school you went to? X

Eleanor Nailon Remember Mr Davies well great school
Maryelaine Douglas David Livingstone was the best school !! X
Anne Irvine Oh that’s me just noticing Mrs Duncan 😮. Thank you Marion Roy. She kept us a in line at lunchtime. Nobody ate until everybody was quite + in place. Even had us saying Grace before our meal haha

Anne Irvine Sorry spelling…..Quiet…….

Johnny O Orr I remember mr Davies i was there1962-onwards

Ann Durie Find memories of Mr Davies in P7.
A wonderful teacher. Allowed himself to be distracted on Friday afternoons occasionally to wax lyrical about his garden and especially his tomato plants.
( I was Ann Symons in those days)

Orlando Ancilotti Agnes Duncan


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  1. Yes remember Mr Davies well…he lived in Cambuslang I think and caught the bus every day to the west end and walked down to school ..always wore a waistcoat …remember when I played in the the school team and we won the Shinwell cup final and he got us all to sing some silly song haha ….was my teacher in the last year of primary

  2. I remember Mr Davis. Before he went into teaching he was a metallurgist and he was a great l;over of gardening

    1. Thanks Iain. It seems he was a very popular teacher seeing some of the comments today on the duplicated post on Facebook.

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