1979 Blantyre Weddings

Several Blantyre ladies married men from outwith the area and appeared in the local newspapers of January 1979. First up was  Miss Anne Galloway of 22 Stonefield Crescent, who married Allan Cook of Burnbank. The couple married in Blantyre Old Parish Church, High Blantyre. Anne was a neighbour of mine, just living a few doors up.

1979 Anne Galloway & Allan Cook wm

Next couple was Carol Ann McInally of Zambesi Drive who married John McAllister of Easterhouse. The couple’s happy wedding church was St Joseph’s on Glasgow Road.

1979 Carol Ann McInally & John McAllister wm

Finally, beautiful bride Elizabeth Allardyce of Berkley Drive, Blantyre married Ian McLean of Dalkeith. Their wedding took place in David Livingstone Memorial Church.

1979 Ian McLean & Elizabeth Allardyce wm

All wedding photos have been added to the archive at Blantyre Project. As always, if for any reason the couples featured do not wish them to be added, please contact me. Thanks.

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