1950 Rover


Elizabeth Weaver shared this photo from her childhood. She says, “This is Rover (when dogs were actually called that!) We got him as a puppy in 1950. He was a Cocker/springer cross. His favourite places were the River Calder at General’s Brig, and the roads up beyond Auchentibber.”

I’ve not really written about pets before. Who remembers having to get a dog license just to own a dog?

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Heather Mcwilliam Molly, my dad’s dog, when the family lived in Stonefield Crescent in the late 1940’s. Dad and Molly use to go out exploring during the day. Mo;;y would also pinch the neighbours carrots from his garden until he eventually planted a special row for her.
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Bill Graham We had one of your mum and dads pups back in the late 60’s the mum was a springer and the dad was a Lab. Called him Bobby, he was very intelligent.
Gord Fotheringham Laddie was my dug…border collie mix…ma da drowned him in the Clyde…he had killed a sheep…supposedly….
Margaret Elma Griffin My Auntie Jean had. Dog called Dandy he was a stray one of her son’s found him at the Dandy hence the name everyone knew Dandy if my Aunt was out he went round all the family to find her and we would say to him she’s no here Dandy in the end he’d he would go and sit at the bus stop waiting for her coming back from her job in East Kilbride she lived in Park crescent



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  1. I remember dog licences were still required in 1979 when I left Scotland. Are they still required?

    1. Not as such, but they need to be microchipped.

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