1978 Blantyre Vics Brochure


1978 Blantyre Vics BrochureThis is the back cover of a 1978 Blantyre Vics Brochure. Presumably featuring many Blantyre people! Do you recognise anybody?

I think I recognise a friend’s mother, but will leave them to comment.

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Earl Wheeler Top right my Aunty Beatrice Duncan with my aunt Nan Black…
Few memories looking at them😢👍

Annette Tait ❤️❤️💔😢😢xx

John Dunsmore The. Four. Chaps are the. Rodwell old. Tony, the. Thing above his. Head.

Liz Jack My uncle Jimmy Clelland top picture

Blantyre Project is that Etta Leggate (nee Pollock) on the left?

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