Pollock Accidental Death, 1860


Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 17.35.01Blantyre man, James Pollock, a farmer at Stewartfield Farm met with a tragic end on 2nd June 1860.

He had stopped his cart at Greenlees Toll (on way to Cathkin) whilst delivering milk , when his horse suddenly bolted.  The unfortunate incident then was made worse when the milk cart was dragged on top of him. James was taken into the toll house, but died inside a short time later.

This was near the end of toll bars and charging carts to pass. The Greenlees toll bar is still there but today, is now an isolated house.

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Paul Ford Martin Milwain is this not your house?

Martin Milwain Yea sure is

Stephen Lindsay Somebodies died in it 😳

Martin Milwain that doesn’t bother me with the age of house I always guessed someone will of died in here at some point

Caroline Campbell Awww this was our wee hoose for 9 years and I didn’t know that! Such a sad story. We sold it and moved to Bellcraig in 1995. Does anyone have any old photos of the old road that ran past it? Lots of happy memories of the Toll house! XX

Dawn Buckley King Loved your wee Toll House 💗( sad end for the poor farmer though

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