My memory took me


1970s-st-josephs-wmMy Memory Took Me

My memory took me the other day
To a land that is now far far away.

A land of innocence, of games and toys,
A land filled with little girls and boys.

Those little plastic golf sets you played with all day.
Watching Bambi with my Mum at the old Broadway.

My first day at St Joseph’s, with my cousin Alex Whelan,
The boy hanging on to the classroom door, kicking and screamin’.

Lucky bags, penny caramels, Spangles and Treets.
Playin’ at Kirby for hours oot in the streets.

The Beano, The Dandy wae Desperate Dan,
Nurky nurky or kick the can.

Doon the public park all summer long,
Ma Aunty Morag and Uncle Tom, singing an old Irish song.

Peter Craig’s sausages and Little’s rolls,
The old Post Office and Martha the Poles.

School trips oan buses festooned wae streamers,
The Beatles, Freddie And The dreamers.

Watching Neil Armstrong step onto the Moon,
A wee French film called The Red Balloon.

Holidays at Butlins doon at Ayr,
Or up tae Anstruther for some guid Fife air.

Dookin’ in the boatin’ pond,
Sooty waving his magic wand.

Singing ma wee heart out in the school choir,
Guy Fawkes night, fireworks and the bonfire.

Sneaking into Duncan’s scrappy doon at Springwell,
Waiting for the sound of the last school bell.

Christmas presents and Christmas trees,
jam jars for catching bees.

Playing on the railway with Jim Allen and James Barrett,
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs and his carrot.

Making slides when it was icy cold,
trying to do what you were told.

Jimmy Johnstone wae the baw stuck to his feet,
Mickey’s or Peter’s for an ice cream treat.

Everything we needed, we got doon the street.

My childhood days are now far far away, but I can still travel back
And see a little boy in his favourite anorak;

And see my first day at St Joseph’s,
with my cousin Alex Whelan,
And the boy hanging on to the classroom door:
Kicking and screamin’.

Dedicated to James Cornfield and Alex Whelan.
By Brian Cummiskey
(c) 2012

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Catherine Davidson Omg th8ats magical. It’s like stepping into a time machine . Fantastic.

Tricia Grieve Wonderful memories when we were all wee xxx

Neil Mc Laughlin Great days indeed 👍

Anne Gilchrist Yes what memories that brings back! Made me remember the leeches that you picked off your legs after having a paddle in the boating pond! It was a real community.

Anne Gilchrist Just came back to me that I was being a bit posh calling them leeches – we called them ‘blood suckers’!

Memory is a funny thing! I can remember lots of details from years ago (like videos playing in my head) but struggle to remember if I turned the washing machine on after loading it lol!!!

Hugh Hainey Brilliant,,,

Elaine Speirs Wonderful. I also went to “The Jo’s” I remember my first day in Room 1. The wee sinks and toilets. Milk in a carton with a straw. And Hugh McGhee cried all day for his mammy. We lost Hugh in 1987 I think. I will never forget him.

Brendan Mcghee Triangular carton lol 😎

Maureen Mccallum Fond memories of St Josephs 😊

Margaret Liddle Great memories of St Joseph’s,wee Mary McNeil and Annie Dock 2 great teachers

Isabel Mcneily Went to St. Joseph’s in 1956. Loved you’re letter, brought back so many memories. Thanks, Isabel (Clarkin)

Anne Marie Hanlon I was in the same class as you!😊. Anne Marie Allen.

Isabel Mcneily Omg good to hear from you. Where are you living

Jane Maxwell I think l was in your class Isabel and l saw you in the Parkville today with Helen Owens. Great memories. My own name was McLaughlin

Isabel Mcneily Hard to see me in the Parkville today Jane as I live in Canada. Where in Blantyre did you live Jane, I’m having a hard time placing you

Isabel Mcneily That could have been my younger sister

Jessie Caldow Terrific poem! enjoyed it so much! 🙂

Christine Bradley Aw brill that took me back

Charlotte Ogilvie Enjoyed your poem very much, brought back happy memories.

Janey Murray Margaret McLaughlin Russell littles rolls ma dads favourite x

Janey Murray Mind he turned them over and buttered the bottom of them x

Anne Callaghan Loved that school wee Charlie Dougan and miss Kelly – mr Clements and miss tochar

Michael Connor I was at the jo’s through the 80’s

Eleanor Connor Absolutely Fantastic! ……💚💛

Gerry Walker Playing Heiders or crab fitba with a tennis ball in the bike shed just in side the gate from the Staion Rd entrance.

Marie Kelly Wonderful poem a step back in time memories

Ann Hartman Brill remember them.awe thanks for the memories

Jane Maxwell Really good poem, brings back many memories of growing up in Blantyre and going to St Joseph’s.

Liz Anderson Oor wee Blantyre all wrapped up in a poem! Pure magic ❤️❤️❤️❤️

John Mcghee Brilliant poem, took me back to great days😎🎸🍀

Blantyre Project popular post. Well done again Brian for writing this poem.

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