Main Street 1980’s (3 of 3)


1985 Main Street by GC2 wm

Another look at Main Street in the 1980s, the final picture in this set. Looking north east the most prominent sandstone building in the background on the left is the current ‘Dales’ tenement at the corner of Broompark Road. However, the other buildings to the right of them are all mostly gone.

The tenements along Main Street at the background on the corner of Cemetery Road all boarded although shops below still open, not long before demolition. The little cottage in the foreground had seen better times. That location is now a little grassy plot of land with some young birch trees planted in a row along the front of Main Street.

What can you tell me about the little cottage or the shops in the background during this era, some 30-35 year ago?

Thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Bobby Hunter Mind the bungalow had went on fire and we all used to climb into the building days later until they knock it down

Blantyre Project do you know roughly that year that happened?

Bobby Hunter Blantyre Project would say around 1988

Jackie MacDonald I can re grocer shop on corner of main st & cemetery rd. there was also a post office, a butchers, a chip shop & Jean Weavers shop. Opposite was a cottage which was a chemist.

Elizabeth Weaver I wish we’d taken photos of the buildings when Mum had Kiddiwear there but we don’t seem to have any. It was a busy wee row of shops.

Jackie MacDonald We moved from
cemetery road to a brand new house in Camelon Crescent. They’re were a few families who lived above the shops who moved also. McMillans, Stewart family & Mccluskies.

Irene Dickman Elizabeth Weaver loved going into your mums shop,bought most of my sons baby clothes from there. Remember Jim Hobsons the butchers too. Hope you’re well Betty. 😊

Elizabeth Weaver Irene Dickman I’d forgotten it was Hobson’s the butcher – thank you! Mum got on well with him. Your Mum was a good customer to my Mum as well, but of course they’d known each other a long time! Those were the days when you could buy nearly everything you needed in High Blantyre. We’re all doing fine (I have lovely 4 kids and 4 lovely grandchildren!) – hope you and yours are, too? xx

Irene Dickman Elizabeth Weaver happy days indeed. All good with us thank you. (Four sons and ten grandchildren ) all doing well. Xx

Elizabeth Weaver Lovely to hear from you Irene! xx

Alan Dorricott The grocers was ‘Broons’ and the frontage was painted red. I also remember the chippy there too. Further down the road just past the Stones was Wilson’s shop, also sadly gone.

Elizabeth Weaver Is that cottage the one where the Moffat family lived in the 60s? There were two daughters, I think – Marion and Jean. Maybe another oldie will remember 

Julie Tabor Great to see high blantyre photo

Margaret Elma Griffin It’s probably just me but are we looking at the back of the Dales and for the life of me don’t remember a bungalow admittedly we left Cemetery Road 1954 approx if it is the back view of the Dales my Dad had one of the plots (Allotments ) facing the Dales behind the old council offices you had to go through the grounds of the Council offices via a little gate to get to them I remember most of the shops on Main Street Mrs Weavers the Post office the Chippy etc and the Chemist across the road further down Wilson’s where Lizzie Dow worked she was a neighbour of ours it’s just getting harder to find the High I remember

Elizabeth Weaver I think it’s the front of the Dales we can see in the photo, and the tenements on the right are the buildings where the shops were. The cottage in between the two tenements is across the road from the front of the Dales, and when I knew it, the Moffat family lived there. (I think  )

Margaret Elma Griffin Thankyou I can see now the tenements no wonder couldn’t remember the bungalow I was thinking it was right next to the Dales !

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