Main Street mid 1980’s (2 of 3)


1985 Main St by GC3 wm

Staying with the 1980’s in this photo, dating from around the mid 80’s. I’d almost forgot about the “Co-op Supersave” shop, that was so popular in this area. The picture takes me back to being a teenager, running errands at lunchtimes up to ‘Oor Wullies’ to get rolls and something for lunch to bring back to the house.

This was obviously before the Ladrbrokes block of shops was built, although the carpark is still familiar. In the background, beyond the Priestfield tree, the Apollo Bar would still have been open. The photo taken from the junction of Broompark Road.

What’s YOUR memories of this area?

Thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Maggie Anderson This block of shops used to be …from the left…Co-op Grocery…Co-op Hardware ( my friend Jean Wilson worked there) and the last shop was Co-op Butchers Betty McLean Alex’s grandfather John Mackie lived in the flat above the Butchers. His son Willie worked in the butcher shop. We visited him most Sunday evenings. The table was set, the kettle ready, bread and jam. Lovely memories of a kind man. Years later we considered buying the flat when they were renovated.
Elizabeth Weaver I remember Willie Mackie – he was a pastor/preacher at the Church of the Nazarene latterly wasn’t he?

Elizabeth Grieve Ah that looks like the High Blantyre I remember

Margaret Elma Griffin Me too

Moyra Lindsay My view when we stayed in the dales!
Jackie MacDonald My great uncle, Jimmy Buchanan was the butcher along with Willie Mackie. Then there was a pen close and next to that where the pensioners centre is, was a Farm.

Drew Fisher I seem to remember the Co Hardware also selling toys. At Christmas they had a display of Triang trikes, scooters etc in the window that caught my eye – but not my parents!!

Elizabeth Lovatt Is this the block before Whitefords farm?

Blantyre Project yes Elizabeth

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