Blantyre Cine Film 1960’s


Have I got a treat in store for YOU!

In May this year, Sanny McVicar passed me some old cine reels which he assured me were of Blantyre. Curious, I decided to use the income from the sales of Blantyre Project books to fund the expensive process of converting them to electronic format, suitable for a modern age.

I ensured first Sanny got a DVD copy of all the film and was permitted to take a USB copy of the films for myself, allowing them to be shown here to you all.

So, over the next week, I’ll be showing several of these films from 1950’s and 1960’s Blantyre! Can’t wait to show you them and thank you again to Sanny and his family for their permissions.

First up, in late 1960’s, playing in the streets near High Blantyre Industrial Prefabs, playing in the former pond at the Public Park and in the back garden in new housing estates.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Carol Murdoch Jones OMG, thats me on scooter with Tracey!!!!! Ive never seen any videos of us at that age. Time wise it would be the end of the 60’s as we moved there when I was 4 or 5. Thanks Sanny McVicar for that memory

Blantyre Project Thanks Carol. This reel was marked “50s” but i had doubts as the new homes were shown. I’ll update the decade given YOU are in it! Fantastic!

David MacPhail That’s brilliant Aunty C.. Xx

Carol Murdoch Jones Blantyre Project it is Burnbrae Road, and we moved there 67 or 68.

Blantyre Project Carol houses look brand new. Gardens not even formed yet. That date fits nicely. I’ve updated the other videos, there are definitely more with children in them coming this week!

Blantyre Project so nice that you’ve never seen this before. Are you able to name everybody else in the video?

Eileen Scott Ah thought that was Tracy x

Carol Murdoch Jones Blantyre Project wee girl in red shorts is Tracey McVicar, and the wee boy in back garden with her is Steven McVicar.
Blantyre Project lots of great little cine videos coming this week from the 50s and 60s, with some recognisable places. Stay tuned.

Elizabeth Ann Ward So good to see this. Tracey stayed in burnbrae road and I stayed in Harkins Ave. I’m younger than Tracey but we moved there in 1968. Great memories x

Blantyre Project lots of families moved from prefabs to the new houses in and just off Burnbrae in late 60s.

Elizabeth Ann Ward We stayed in the building across from st. Joseph’s PS, I think that’s where the bookmakers is now. I was only a year old when we moved to the new house.

Wilma Murdoch MacPhail That’s my wee sister Carol Murdoch Jones on the scooter. We moved in there on Christmas day 1967, I was fourteen, Carol was nearly 5.
Wilma Murdoch MacPhail It must be the summer of 1968.

Gord Fotheringham For many years I have kept asking family members where did the videos go…that my sister and I had taken….well almost three years ago my niece Julie brought me a box full….I had them converted to DVD…not cheap…any way a lot of old parties at my hoose….really really good entertainment….no sound…just super 8 mm…

Blantyre Project hi Gord – these were silent too, I put the sound to them.

Sheena Thomson I’ve got old cine camera films that I got put into DVDs a part of one is a private party in Bob Browns house with all his staff and friends from the sixties, also a part of my wedding which was in Hasties. No sound.

Gord Fotheringham I am at present trying to buy an 8mm projector with sound…so far no luck….hay Paul my older brother Davie has a copy on DVD….I sent them to all relevant family….my cousin fae fife was just here for a wedding and he said the video was funtastic

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