Changing Face of Glasgow Road


It’s just like 1979 all over again! People looking forward to “out with the old”!

With Contractors currently in this week demolishing the shops at Clydeview Shopping Centre on Glasgow Road, there may be a strange feeling of Déjà vu for many people witnessing the work.

Yes, only 38 years later, the shopping centre is being demolished with the demolition started on Thursday 19th July 2018. It’s day 2 today, Friday 20th July and already good progress is being made ripping down the eastern side of Asda’s shop units.

However, it’s the look from Glasgow Road that I think is changing most notably. Clydeview shopping centre is such a huge part of Low Blantyre, such a noted feature of Glasgow Road and already to see “chunks of it missing” looks strange and unfamiliar. A new view is being created.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

AAnnette Keenan I remember going a wee trip from the nursery playbus in coatshill to the opening of Asda 😂

CarolAnn Connor Colin Frize the tattoo place is gone!

Donna Hamilton why are they pulling it down are the going to replace it with another bigger store.

Robert Stewart Nothing like 1979 Paul. In 1979 they destroyed the Glasgow Road and replaced it with what I considered a total eyesore. Are you attempting to be funny describing it as a noted feature?

Frances Maguire Robert you sound like my mammy

Paul Veverka Nope. Perfectly serious. Clydeview shopping centre has defined the way Glasgow Road has looked for 38 years. Like it or not it has certainly been a building of note and prominent feature . The full 1978/79 story of events leading up to construction of the shops is scheduled here in September. The poll I posted on blantyre telegraph this week has seen over 500 people take part and overwhelmingly looking forward to the buildings being removed, a sentiment so widespread also in 1979.

Mary Falco About time

Lynn Delaney My first job was in Asda when it 1st opened, sad to see it going.

Robert Henderson I worked in the butchers department in there

Marion Alexander I sat on the bricks when I was getting built xx

Tom McGuigan Ruined Blantyre main Street

Jim Cochrane SLC are trying to wipe Blantyre out . As a big part of Blantyre now seems to be in Hamilton.

Ray Couston Good riddance!

John Allan When asda opened blantyre became a ghost town

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