Apprentice Mason Made example, 1860

On or around 17th May 1858, Mr David Smith a mason from East Kilbride entered into a 2 year agreement as an apprentice for James Aitkenhead. The Aitkenheads lived at Orchardhead, just off Hunthill Road and at this time, the house was fairly isolated with not even the school opposite built yet.

Now, David served out most of his apprenticeship until 23rd April 1860, when he simply didn’t turn up for work, just under a month short of his apprenticeship expiring.

David had found employment elsewhere at an enhanced weekly wage and his former employer James Aitkenhead was NOT happy at being short changed by a month’s apprenticeship labour and the opportunity of continuing to hire David, whom he had trained.

The agreement had NOT been reduced and the apprenticeship was supposed to be fully two whole years and irate, James decided to make an example of David by taking him to court and pursuing £12 in damages. The court agreed with the breach but reduced the damages to 30 shillings, so Mr Aitkenhead still had his victory.

Pictured around 18 years ago is Orchardhead at Hunthill Road.

2000 Orchardhead at Hunthill

2000 Orchardhead at Hunthill Road

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